Autumn’s Harvest

Spring and Summer get the glory, but Autumn gives us a glorious harvest of fruits and vegetables. We can sometimes overlook Autumn’s bounty. We’re here to remind you of everything Autumn gives us for our eating pleasure. Here is a list of almost every fruit and vegetable in season in Autumn in Australia. Apple All […]

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Famous first lady of apples

Famous first lady of apples - IIF article

Tasmania is called the Apple Isle. And yes, a lot of apples grow there. But how did it all start? And how did Australian orchardists become the great apple breeders that we are today? For the origins, we go back to the first days of English colonisation. Captain James Bligh anchored his ship, the Bounty,

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The Rise and Revolution of Farm-to-Table in Australia

Farm-to-table has become an increasingly popular movement globally. Consumers are choosing fresh, local produce. They’re choosing to support sustainability. Farmers are looking beyond the old models of selling produce through centralised marketing organisations. As Australian farmers embrace the trend, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of the farm-to-table movement in Australia. How are farmers selling direct

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