The Rise and Revolution of Farm-to-Table in Australia

Farm-to-table has become an increasingly popular movement globally. Consumers are choosing fresh, local produce. They’re choosing to support sustainability. Farmers are looking beyond the old models of selling produce through centralised marketing organisations. As Australian farmers embrace the trend, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of the farm-to-table movement in Australia. How are farmers selling direct …

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Wine making with Squires Winery

Squires Winery

This year IIF partnered with the exceptional winemakers at Squires Winery to allow members to invest in the growing of wine grapes and the follow-on process of turning it into wine. Here’s a snapshot of the updates from Squires Winery over the growing season.

Who owns the farm?

How much of what you spend on Australian-grown food benefits Australian farmers, and how much goes into foreign pockets?

Back to the farm

Back to the farm

When you spend any time in regional Australian towns and conversation turns to the town’s future, there’s a recurring theme. The brain drain.

Farm finance beyond the bank

Farm Finance Options

Four years ago, the Financial Services Royal Commission exposed what many farmers already knew. Banks don’t get farming.

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