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A farm in your pocket

We’re on a mission to break down the barriers between the people who grow our food and everyone who eats it. The IIF app is a ridiculously easy way to back our farmers and the food they produce. Everyone benefits.
IIF overview

IIF works for everyone

IIF gives farmers easy access to money. No banks, no risks. Presell a portion of your produce to improve cash flow. Build awareness and a loyal following amongst consumers.

IIF operates as a co-operative whose members profit from farming without owning a farm. Buy a row of grapevines, a single cow or a basket of oysters. Watch your purchases grow, with returns in a few months.

Who are you?

IIF you are a

IIF delivers a highly innovative, low risk form
of consumer sourced equity capital.

IIF you are a

As an IIF Coop member you can profit
from farming without owning a farm.

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Invest In Farming Co-operative is a Victorian start-up that is designed to spread both the risks associated with farming, bridge the knowledge gap between country …

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