The long fight for water

The long fight for water - IIF article

On a continent as dry as Australia, nothing is as critical as access to water. There have been plenty of arguments over water use, especially in the Murray Darling basin. They’ve stopped short of war. Wars have been fought over water in the past. The first record of water being used as a weapon dates

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Ugly fruit is beautiful

Ugly fruit is beautiful article

Tom grows bananas on his farm in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales. By his own admission, Tom’s bananas aren’t pretty. In fact, they might even be considered ugly. They’re unevenly sized, and many are too small. They are randomly bent, some distorted into the letter C. They are speckled with brown and

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Cutting water with a laser

As our agricultural regions experience hotter and drier weather, farmers are turning to an unexpected tool to help them adapt – lasers. Here’s what happens when farmers use lasers: Water consumption and runoff, energy consumption and irrigation time, all reduce. The area of land available for planting increases, as does farm productivity. So, how does

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Sustainability is hot right now

Sustainable farming in Australia is a hot topic among farmers and environmental stewards alike. Our climate is changing. The way we farm must change to meet the new challenges of our hotter and drier continent. However, there are barriers. Some farmers are reluctant to move away from the practices of old if that means sacrificing

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