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Educating students about agriculture through a gamified learning experience.

Real farmers. Real updates. Real outcomes. Virtual money.

What is IIFed?

To understand IIFed, you first need to understand what IIF is.

IIF is a world-first approach to investing in agriculture that enables anyone to financially back the industry that feeds them. With IIF anyone can invest into farming production cycles anywhere from 3 to 12 months. Buy cattle, crops, oysters or beehives, all this straight from your smartphone where you can literally watch your investments grow!

IIFed is an educational version of the IIF app. Real farms. Virtual money. It’s a gamified learning experience that helps students understand farming – from paddock to plate – because they’re an active participant in it. IIFed is mirrored off our IIF app, so it’s not a simulated or an accelerated experience. Real farmers. Real updates. Real outcomes. Virtual money.

Not every school has the space or resources to run an ag program. But with IIFed, every school can put a farm in every classroom. We’re helping the next generation of young people understand where their food comes from, and value the farmers who produce it, by putting a farm in every student’s pocket.

IIFed Homescreen

How does it work?

Real farms. Virtual money.

Each student is set a standard budget of $10,000 to invest in real agricultural assets to build their ‘farm’. Using the live marketplace, they can see how much it will cost to invest at the start of the growing cycle, the expected timeframe and return. They choose what they invest in, and how much they invest. Just like on our regular IIF app, students receive updates from their farmers so they can literally watch their investments grow.

IIFed lets students experience, in real time on real farms, what it takes to grow the food and fibre they consume every day. They don’t just gain information; they gain a deeper understanding and respect for food production because IIF puts a human face to farming.

Linking to curriculum

But I don’t have any time to squeeze anything else into the curriculum!

Of course you don’t! And you shouldn’t have to. The IIFed app is a standalone learning resource, which requires minimal classroom delivery time. But for teachers who want to reinforce the learning, IIFed is a great catalyst for further education about primary production, supply chains, risk, market forces and financial investment.

It’s the ideal ag program for schools that don’t have an ag program!

However, if you do have an ag program at school and are looking to supplement, IIFed is a great resource to do just that. With IIFed you can link to many different outcomes in curriculum, for example:

  • AG5-7 Explains and evaluates the impact of management decisions on animal production enterprises.
  • AG5-9 Evaluates management practices in terms of profitability, technology, sustainability, social issues and ethics.
  • AG5-12 Collects and analyses agricultural data and communicates results using a range of technologies.

IIFed can link into other areas at school too, including but not limited to maths, science, and geography.

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What schools are saying

Teacher feedback

The idea behind IIF has already brought high levels of engagement in the students as we have been discussing the idea behind the program.

They start, as they always do with an unfamiliar idea by declaring it stupid until they understand it, then they try to pick holes in the idea because it’s not what they think of as conventional farming, then they realise the investor could lose everything and declare it too risky before someone eventually suggests that they could spread their money across the country.

It was very interesting to see how they chose to spend their $10,000. 

~ Moama Grammer

Student Feedback

“I get to choose what I want to purchase and how I spend my budget. There are so many options.”

“I loved getting my farmer updates and the videos. They were the best! It made me feel connected to my farm.”

“I started to care about how my farm was going and found myself waiting for updates.”

“I didn’t know there were so many agricultural markets available.”

“I like how I can stay involved with agriculture without owning a farm.”

“I didn’t know agriculture could be so interesting.”

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