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If you like the idea of supporting our farmers – and making money whilst you do it – IIF is for you. IIF operates as a member-based co-operative. We find opportunities for our members. You’re totally free to take up any offer that appeals to you. The IIF app gives you low risk access to high growth assets you can’t get anywhere else.

Share farming reimagined

IIF is share farming for the digital age. You bring the capital, and a farmer brings the expertise. The IIF app connects you to farmers wherever each of you is located.
Backing our farmers couldn’t be easier.

How IIF works

Once you’re a member of the IIF Coop, you’re ready to start using the IIF app.

1 - Browse

Browse the farmers we work with and the products we currently have available for investing.

2 - Buy

Buy your chosen products with a few clicks. It might be a basket of oysters, a quarter hectare of black rice or a single beehive.

3 - Grow

Use the IIF app to watch the value grow. Check the estimated return when the farmer sends your produce to market.

4 - Reap

When the farmer says a product is ready for sale, you’ll earn your share of the profit.

5 - Repeat

Do it again with a few clicks. Browse, buy, watch it grow, and earn a profit when it sells.

The IIF Coop

Co-operatives have been around for ages. There’s a good chance that your milk is produced by a co-op.

The Invest in Farming Co-operative Ltd (IIF Coop) is owned by its members. As a member, you get the chance to participate in our regular share farming opportunities.

We’ll let members know when a farmer has a new crop or product available. You choose if you want to purchase that offer or not.

There’s a modest annual fee. And that’s it. Once you’re in, you’re ready to go.

Join the IIF Coop to start your farm

Ready to watch your investments grow?

First step: join our co-operative. Register your interest below.

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