Seed to success, shaping investments in agriculture

Beef Australia events have long been hailed as the epicentre of innovation and business for the global beef industry.

Nathan MacPhee attended Beef2021 with a seed of an idea for a beef business, but after a chance encounter with some industry leaders, the idea blossomed into what’s now a world first in farming investment through his app Invest Inya Farmer (IIF).

Attending Beef Australia’s study tour to the USA, he says the experience not only opened doors for his business, but he learnt more in the few weeks travelling with industry peers, than he would in a couple of years researching from the comfort of his desk.

In this episode of What’s Your Beef, Nathan chats to us about his passion for connecting farmers with consumers and how his experience at Beef2024 opened doors he couldn’t have imagined.

If you have an innovative idea, product or service like Nathan, consider applying for the Ken Coombe OAM Tech Yards & Innovation Hub. Applications are open until Friday!

Listen now on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or via the Beef Australia website. Season 2, Seed to Success, Shaping Investments in Agriculture.

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