Share farming ‘inya pocket’ reshaping agriculture

Mansfield Courier

IN A modest office round the corner from Mansfield’s High Street, one man’s dream to revolutionise farming is gathering momentum.

It was three years ago that Nathan MacPhee’s aspirations to become a farmer were thwarted by the realisation that his recently purchased country lifestyle was not large enough to run cattle in numbers that would provide anything other than small change.

And so the frustrated farmer set about realising his dream of becoming a beef baron, with a vision to invest in livestock producers, and in the process he discovered a love of all things agriculture.

Nathan now has farm assets across the continent, having bought into a variety of commodities – everything from ginger to pineapples, watermelons, beehives, fat lambs and the occasional goat.

Nathan’s own personal farm-in-his-pocket provides an example of what investors can achieve, with the Invest Inya Farmer (IIF) app giving everyday people the opportunity to invest in what is grown on-farm and in turn support the amazing people who grow it.

It’s effectively share farming reimagined for a digital age.

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