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How IIF works

1 - Setup

Join the IIF Coop, setup your account, enable notifications and wait for offers to drop on the marketplace.

2 - Buy

Buy offers that interest you with just a few clicks. It might be a basket of oysters, a hectare of wheat or a single lamb.

3 - Grow

Use the IIF app to track your farm. Farmers send regular image and video updates, keeping you informed about your assets throughout the season. 

4 - Reap

When the farmer harvests and sells, you will earn your share of the profit.

5 - Repeat

Do it again with a few clicks. Browse, buy, watch it grow, and earn a profit when it sells.

The IIF Coop

Co-operatives have been around for ages. There’s a good chance that your milk is produced by a co-op.

The Invest in Farming Co-operative Ltd (IIF Coop) is owned by its members. As a member, you get the chance to participate in our regular share farming opportunities.

We’ll let members know when a farmer has a new crop or product available. You choose if you want to purchase that offer or not.

There’s a modest annual fee. And that’s it. Once you’re in, you’re ready to go.


IIF is a truly unique concept, read our FAQ’s to learn more.

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