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This short video steps you through how to use the app. We’ve made everything as simple and easy as possible but if you have any questions just let us know – we’re here to help.

So how does IIF work?

It’s really simple. Every time one of our farmer partners offers an investment opportunity, we’ll let you know via the app. You’ll find information about each offer, as well as the farmer and their business, so you can get to know them and what they do. There’s also information about the returns they delivered to investors on any previous offers.

Simply choose what you’d like to invest in, and how much you want to buy, and your chosen products are added to your IIF farm.

Then you literally watch your investments grow! The farmers you’re growing with send you updates from the field about your crops or livestock throughout the growing season.

Then at the end of the growing cycle, the farmer sells the product and you receive your share of the profit.

Plus, you can add to your farm at any time by selecting from the current offers.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your initial investment is, every person who supports a farmer through IIF makes a difference.

We know you’ll love pulling out your mobile and showing off your IIF farm to friends and family (trust us, you can get quite attached to an oyster!). Plus it’s a real honour to get to know the people who work so hard to produce the food and fibre we enjoy every day.

Good to know

Farming is subject to many variables including severe weather events, fluctuating commodity prices and changes in the cost of inputs like fertiliser. Every growing season is different, and when you partner with a farmer you share the bounty and the burden. That’s why we recommend you don’t put all your eggs in one basket (figuratively and literally!). Instead, diversify your investments by choosing different farm products in different locations.

Want more information?

This Fact Sheet answers common questions, the rules of the co-op are available here and you are entitled to access a copy of the Disclosure Statement at any time. This document outlines the terms of the member contribution (debenture) and other relevant information.

If you need any help navigating the app, we’re always here to help.

That’s it – you’re good to grow!

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