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Farm with the direct support of the people who consume your food or fibre.

Share farming reimagined

IIF is a world-first approach to investing in agriculture that brings farmers and consumers closer together.

It gives best-practice farmers (like you!) early access to capital so you can improve cashflow, minimise risk, and pursue opportunities that would otherwise be out of reach.

IIF does not invest in your business or land. We are not a loan provider or a line of credit. We invest in what your farm produces eg: cattle, crops, fruit, or vegetables, one season at a time.

Why partner with IIF?

IIF enables you to access the capital you need, when you need it, to pursue opportunities that would otherwise be out of reach.

Perhaps you want to buy new equipment, improve cash flow, offset risk, or bring forward plans to scale your operation.

Instead of going to the bank or waiting for your next harvest pay cheque, you can presell a portion of your produce to improve cash flow, in return for a share of the profit when your produce is sold.

Partnering with IIF can help you grow your business and strengthen your brand in several ways.

Capital when you need it

You can access consumer-sourced capital quickly and easily when you need it. 

It is not debt and enables you to pursue opportunities that will benefit your business, without compromising farm ownership.

Minimise risk

It minimises risk to your farm operation. Your investors share the burden as well as the bounty. If a crop fails, prices fall or a natural disaster ruins your season, you won’t bear the cost alone. 

with consumers

You enjoy a closer connection to the people who buy and use what you grow because they’re invested – emotionally and financially – in your success. It’s a powerful way to build your brand because consumers have a tangible relationship with your operation. 

How IIF works

Instead of going to the bank or waiting for your next harvest pay cheque, through IIF you can presell a portion of your produce and get paid at the start of the season.

It’s up to you what percentage of your farm’s production to presell to IIF, with our investment limited to a maximum of 50% of production.

The entry price of the deal is determined by you as the farmer and agreed upon by IIF. We discuss your total input costs and break those costs down into specific categories, such as sowing, watering, fertilising, weeding, spraying, and harvesting.

Next, we review your yield and price figures and then we discuss potential buy-in and exit prices. This entire process involves direct communication with you, working together to reach a mutual agreement.

How much does it cost?

We are often asked ‘what is the catch’ and we are happy to say that there are no fees or charges associated with becoming a farmer partner with IIF.

Do I qualify to partner with IIF?

In order to comply with the rules and regulations of our Cooperative, farmers must meet the following criteria:

  • I am an Australian farmer.
  • I have clearly defined points of sale for my food or fibre.
  • I have been farming for more than three years.

If this describes you, then you meet the criteria to partner with IIF.

What do I have to sign?

There is a one-time Share Farming Agreement which outlines the terms and conditions of our partnership.

Additionally, our Product Proposal Form (PPF) outlines the specifics of each deal and is valid for one season only.

Farming with IIF

Squires Winery
Shiraz Grapes
Rutherglen Region

Partnering with Squires Winery

IIF is an incredible opportunity for the agricultural sector to reduce their risk and for a new, small business such as ours, provides the capacity through improved cashflow to grow the business.

IIF also enables us to develop a strong connection with a new client base who are now sharing our journey. Innovation in farming is constant and I believe IIF will be an integral part of the Australian Agricultural landscape as it evolves and grows. We look forward to continuing to be part of IIF in the future.

Paul Squires

Partnering with Tree Nut Services

Embarking on pecan tree cultivation comes with financial challenges, particularly the lengthy turnover cycle. IIF’s timely capital injection transformed our trajectory, allowing us to kickstart a second cycle a year earlier than anticipated. This acceleration not only expedited returns but also showcased IIF’s understanding of our industry’s nuances.

We made available 4000 trees to farm share and were sold out in a record time.

Their swift financial support goes beyond mere capital provision; it’s a strategic partnership that propels businesses forward. For farmers seeking a reliable ally in navigating the complexities of farming, IIF stands out as a catalyst for accelerated growth. Grateful for their support, we confidently recommend IIF to fellow visionaries.

Dennis & Mariet Beytell
Tree Nut Services
Pecan Trees
Bungawalbin, NSW

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