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Farm with the direct support of the people who consume your food or fibre.

IIF gives best-practice farmers (like you!) early access to capital so you can improve cashflow, minimise risk, and pursue opportunities that would otherwise be out of reach

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IIF allows everyday people to invest in what you grow, straight from their smartphone. This consumer-sourced capital can improve your cashflow, minimise your risk, and foster a connection with consumers that you won’t find anywhere else.

IIF overview

Capital when you need it

You can access consumer-sourced capital quickly and easily when you need it. 

It is not debt and enables you to pursue opportunities that will benefit your business, without compromising farm ownership.

Minimise risk

It minimises risk to your farm operation. Your investors share the burden as well as the bounty. If a crop fails, prices fall or a natural disaster ruins your season, you won’t bear the cost alone. 

with consumers

You enjoy a closer connection to the people who buy and use what you grow because they’re invested – emotionally and financially – in your success. It’s a powerful way to build your brand because consumers have a tangible relationship with your operation. 

Why IIF?

Capital when you need it

An oyster farmer on the New South Wales coast listed small-grade Sydney Rock Oysters on IIF for $8.00 per dozen in July (covering the cost of oysters and management inputs to harvest). This gave the farmer precious income during the winter lull period to improve business cash flow and concentrate on farming the best oysters for the busy summer period. The oysters were grown out to a higher grade, resulting in a premium price of $9.50 per dozen in December. The farmer was happy to share a percentage of the profits from bigger, higher in demand oysters.

Minimise Risk

A Victorian stone fruit grower had 10,000 apricot trees, which cost approximately $30 per tree each season in management costs. They listed 5,000 of their trees on IIF at twice the input costs – $60 each. This allowed the grower to recoup 100% of the season’s costs upfront. And when heavy rains damaged the crop and the sale price fell significantly below expectation, the grower didn’t bear the loss alone – instead that burden was shared across all investors, enabling the grower to recover more quickly and tackle the next season.

Connect with consumers

A Queensland beekeeper had the opportunity to acquire beehives from another apiarist to expand their commercial honey operation. Each hive costs $400, and as an established hive it was expected to produce 50kg worth of honey within about eight months. Being premium honey, it had a value of $10 per kg, enabling the farmer to harvest the honey and repay the investor. Meanwhile, the farmers provided updates along the way and consumers became engaged in the honey process, with many purchasing honey from the farmer through their existing retail channel.

How IIF works

IIF operates as a cooperative and is built on trusted partnerships. Co-ops have been a tried and tested part of the farming landscape for generations. IIF is simply a co-op reimagined, where consumers and farmers become partners in production

Agriculture and food supply are essential, but it’s easy for city folk to take it for granted.

Today, the divide between city and country, producers and consumers, has never been greater. IIF is here to change that.

IIF is the agricultural investment platform that facilitates direct access to real on-farm, agricultural assets.


No commitment necessary. Just let us know if you’re interested in finding out more.

Tell us about yourself

Some basics to get us started. Your experience, your product, your farm, your facility, annual production and equipment. No commitment.

Create your IIF model

Still no commitment. We’ll work with you to design the best offering to IIF members.

Sign a production agreement

This will be based on the model we’ve designed together – the number of units, cost per unit, estimated sale price & time, etc.

You're ready for IIF members

The IIF app lets members know that your production is available. The money comes to you in a single payment.

Sell & share in profit

When you decide the time to sell, you share the profit with IIF members.

Register Interest

IIF suits many producers, but not all. Here’s what we’re looking for in our farmer partners.

Your story

IIF is designed to create a bond between you and consumers. Your story matters. Investors want to get to know you and your farm’s story.

Established or emerging

You might be a pioneer of an emerging superfood. Or you might be recognised as one of the leading growers of an established favourite. Both are appealing to investors.

A focus on quality

Your produce doesn’t need to be unique, but investors will love you for showing that you care about what you produce.

Retail or wholesale

You might have a retail brand, or you might sell your produce to another business with a retail brand. Both are suitable.

Regular updates

Keep your investors engaged with regular updates. These can be photos or videos of the weather, ripening fruit or an on-farm taste test. If you produce content, we’ll share it.

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